Getting married is one of the most important and exciting steps in your life. If you choose to be married in, then you are seeking God’s blessing on your relationship and we will do everything we can to help you prepare for your special day and for enjoying the rest of your lives together.

Legally we can usually marry you if either of you lives in the parish of Grove. If you don’t live here, but at least one of you has very strong links then you might be able to be married here via a ‘Qualified Connection’. We would be happy to discuss whatever options are available to you.

Couples being married at St John’s are offered Marriage Preparation, where we provide you with resources and information to discuss privately between yourselves, and an in-depth look at the promises you will be making to each other, and before your families and God. Preparation usually starts around 6-9 months before the wedding date.

There are various ‘Statutory Fees’ that we have to charge for a church wedding, and more information about these, the legal formalities and the marriage preparation can be found by contacting the Church Office, who will ask a member of the clergy to make contact with you.