We at St John’s have long had a desire to be able to provide a place in our community which encourages a thriving and inclusive community here in Grove. The current church was built in 1960, and since then there has been a steady expansion of our buildings, almost exclusively funded by the generosity of church members.

The current buildings host our local Children’s centre,  2 toddler groups, Friends on Friday,Brownies, Guides, Wantage and Grove Chess club, a badminton group, a keep fit group, and offers facilities to local organisations to hire, and particularly welcomes those that support young people, families, those with disabilities and the elderly, and/or are working towards building an inclusive and supportive community. We are looking at a range of ways to do this which include a memorial garden, and a flexible, modern and attractive facility to host community events, in particular to encourage the integration of the planned 2500 new households for Grove into the existing community, as well as allow groups that currently use smaller facilities in the area to expand. 

Our facilities upgrade is well underway and is being done in several phases.

See here for the latest outline plan for both phases of the hall upgrades.

Phase 1 –  the replacement of the end window plus insulate the ceiling,  energy efficient lighting, and initial AV equipment was completed in early 2017.

Phase 2 is planned for 2018 and includes the addition of storerooms for chairs and tables, an extension of the side of the hall with improved windows and access to the garden, addition of toilets and provision of high-quality audio-visual equipment. 


Although there has been a significant commitment by church members towards this wide-ranging project, grants and donations from external bodies have been and will continue to be essential to enable us to proceed.