A social gathering of church folk and other friends who meet on the first Friday of each month in St John’s rooms for fellowship and worship from 2pm to 4pm.
It attracts older folk who find it difficult to attend regular church services, as it offers alternative church in a homely environment. Numbers vary from month to month but on average about 35 people attend.
We begin with light refreshments with cake on special occasions, ie Easter, Harvest and Christmas, and follow this with a bible reading and a short time of prayer. We conclude by singing hymns chosen by the folk attending. We finish the year in July with a strawberry tea which everyone thoroughly enjoys.
During term time children from the Church school come and talk to everybody about what they are learning which is much appreciated.
At Christmas, they come and sing carols. Every third Friday of the month at 2pm a Holy Communion service is held in the same room, for those who wish to attend, led by a retired member of the Clergy, followed by light refreshments.

For more information, please contact the Church Office  or email FoF@valebenefice.org.uk