This comparison between people who believe in Jesus and the world’s mightiest heroes might seem a little far-fetched but hear me out. We are not trained assassins, have advanced technology, turn green when angry or can shoot plasma blasts.

But, when Paul talks about the church in 1 Corinthians 12, he says that every Christian has gifts, skills and abilities that come from God. We can all do different things and we should all use our gifts for the common good. Just like the Avengers.

He goes on to compare the church to a body, made up of different parts. All the parts come together, doing different things, to make one body. Like the Avengers, the worldwide church is made up of different people, from different places, different backgrounds and with different experiences. Yet, we are all united together as members of the same team.

Also like the Avengers, the Church does not always get it right, we make mistakes, we argue with each other and cannot always agree on what the best cause of action is. Like the Avengers, the church needs to reflect on its past mistakes and its current problems, so that together it can find a way forward and support those around us.

Because when the team does unite together, using all their gifts, skills and experiences, everyone working towards the same goal, then maybe they can change the universe. That’s the church…and the Avengers!

God bless,

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