This was an excellent review of an aspect of prayer that it is easy to overlook. Pausing and rejoicing at the beginning can transform and enrich a whole time of prayer. It helps take it from being about transactions (like with a shop) to relationship (like with a close friend or family member). For those that are not able to be with us you may wish to look at the video for week 2.

The key messages from Pete Greig were:

  • We should start by recognising God is God
  • Worship puts things back into perspective
  • A helpful pattern for a time of prayer is P.R.A.Y – Pause, Rejoice, Ask, Yield (or Yes if using with children)

There are useful extra resources for this week, if you would like to explore prayer further.

Slowing and Centring using the Breath Prayer

How to Pray the Psalms

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How to Pray Creatively

How to Practice the Presence of God

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