What is the purpose of an apple tree?

I was asked this question during a recent training day on leadership and I was encouraged to reflect on how the answer relates to the way we lead.

What is the purpose of leadership?

The purpose of an apple tree, is to produce apples, right? That was my response. Relating this to leadership, the purpose of leading others is to produce results, make things happen and achieve goals.

I was told that the purpose of an apple tree is to produce more apple trees. Growing apples is part of this process but not the end-result. So with leadership. Getting things done is important. But so is growing and developing new leaders who can continue the work. The point of leadership is to grow more leaders.

With lots to do, it can be easy to focus on just getting things done. But this insight into the purpose of leadership has made me start to think about how I lead with others. Where are the opportunities for me to help others grow and develop in what they are doing? When am I learning from others, to grow my own skills and abilities? If the purpose of an apple tree is to pass on life, what are we passing on to others in our lives?

What ever we do, one way or another we all lead and influence other people in some way. Who do you spent time with, that you could pass on your skills, knowledge and experience too? In what ways could you invest in others, to help them grow and develop? How could you be like an apple tree?

God bless,


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