Christian discipleship is as much as anything about the journey we are all on with the Holy Spirit to becoming more like Christ.

Earlier in the year we at St John’s started looking how we might make this journey more intentional, more active – what might help us to take the time to take stock of where we are and where we are going in our Christian lives.

Our diocese has developed a tried and tested process offering people the opportunity to look at their own discipleship journey – they call the process personal discipleship plans, but we are calling it Intentional Discipleship Conversations, because that feels more like what we are offering.

We have a small team of six who over the past 2-4 months have talked, prayed, trained and practiced the process of being the ‘listener’ in these conversations.

Essentially the conversations are a low key, informal, 1:1, confidential time for you to explore where you are now in your Christian journey, and where God might be nudging you. The listeners are not there to tell you what to do, but to be a sounding board for you to explore your own journey. It can be a single chat, or a 3-6 monthly pattern – entirely as you choose.

This is an offer, a gift, and if it is something you might be interested in, or want to know more, about do chat to Sarah S or email specifically for this at

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