We desire to help build a flourishing community and have started a program of visiting people who have recently moved to Wantage and Grove. We are doing this in partnership with Wantage Parish Church, and apart from welcome, our visit enables us to give newcomers a copy of our welcome pack with information about events held by the two churches.

We hope to extend this welcome to include community events in areas of new housing.

In addition as part of welcoming to our church we will be starting monthly welcome meals on a Sunday lunchtime, and if you would like to be invited to one of these please email GroveWelcome@valebenefice.org.uk and we would be delighted to send you an invitation.

Any questions you might have about the Christian faith are most welcome. If you would like to come along to an enquirers group, then do email us at QuestionsOfFaith@valebenefice.org.uk or contact the church office.