We have a wonderful Father who showers us with blessings, His Son our Lord who died for us, and His Spirit who fills us with Life, and holds us and supports us when life is hard. It is a great joy to be part of His family at St John’s in Grove. We seek to hold Christ at our centre, to prayerfully discern the plans that He has for us and for our community, and to encourage and support all members of our church family to grow and flourish.

Grove Parish Church Vision Prayer

Lord God, fill us with the Spirit of Jesus that we may be a Christ-centred church, growing in numbers, faith, fellowship and mature Godliness. Help us to share His hope for our hurting world and His love for all creation. Grant that we may take an active part in building a flourishing and inclusive community in Grove. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

The Church Facilities

The Vicar, the PCC and the congregation of Grove Parish Church have a long standing vision to bring God’s love to the people of Grove. It has become clear that some of our facilities were inadequate and were hindering our mission. Major improvements have been made most of which has been self funded.

The hall was thought to fall short of what is required for:

  • Safety
  • Accessibility
  • Modern standards of energy efficiency

Phase one of the work to improve the situation was carried out in 2016 and included:

  • New south window
  • Insulation to the ceiling and west wall
  • New west side access doors
  • New curtains









We now wish to complete the work by extending the hall on the east side and rebuilding the cupboard to give room for the storage of chairs. In addition a new toilet facility  including an accessible toilet will be built in the north east corner of the hall. The north wall will be insulated. The hall floor, which is at the end of its life will be replaced. To enable this work to be completed an appeal has been made to the congregation and various grants have been requested.

The plans for the church hall – phase 2









To see more visit our fit-for- purpose buildings page.


Three Strand Vision

After a church-wide consultation in 2015, we developed a three strand vision, to enable us to effectively bring Christ’s message of love and hope to everyone in our local community and especially for the more vulnerable and isolated.  Please click on the links below for up to date information on how things are going in each of these areas.

Reaching out to the community

Connect Groups

Memorial GardenFit-for- purpose buildings