On Sunday 16th in the evening we had one of those special occasions when we could welcome new members to our church family. The jolly Bishop of Dorchester, recently returned from his well-earned break after filling in until Bishop Steven came to Oxford, took the service in his usual relaxed way.

Bishop Colin with Ethan and Leah Gill

In all eleven people were baptised and/or confirmed. It was nice to see all generations responding to God’s love and making the commitment to follow Jesus Christ, from old to very young. It reminded me of the New Testament where whole families and households were baptised. It’s a good model. It would be a strange thing to exclude children from being as much part of God’s family as their parents.

The congregation, by the way, made the commitment to support and pray for those we’d welcomed – and I guess it was on behalf of the whole church! So here are their names:

Aimee Martine Pladdys, Stuart John Pladdys, James Stephen Pladdys,
Peri London Maria James, Venice Ella-Mary James, Nicholas Jason James, Gary Childs
Belinda Mary James, Nicholas Jason James,
Ethan Thomas Gill, Leah Christine Gill, Hayley Thomas, Martin Thomas, Gary Childs
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